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Top 10 AI Video Editing Apps for Android phone & tablets

In today’s fast-moving digital world, videos are a really important way for people to talk and show what they feel. Thanks to fancy artificial intelligence (AI) technology, editing videos has never been so simple and easy. If you have an Android phone, you can choose from lots of AI-powered video editing apps. They make it easy to create amazing videos without much work. In this blog, we’ll check out the Top 10 AI video editing apps for Android. Each app has cool stuff that will make your video editing experience even better.

VivaVideo – Video Editor & Video Maker:

VivaVideo is one of the Best AI video editing apps for android that’s easy to use and has lots of cool editing tools. With its smart AI features, you can quickly trim, cut, combine, and add cool effects to your videos. It also has a big collection of filters, stickers, and transitions to make your videos look even better.

FilmoraGo – Craft Your YouTube Videos with FilmoraGo:

FilmoraGo is a really strong AI-powered video editing app that lets you make awesome videos with just a few taps. It has clever tools like auto-enhance, background blur, and sound improvement to make your videos look and sound great. The app also gives you lots of templates and effects to make your videos look super polished and cool.

PowerDirector – Video Editor, Video Maker:

PowerDirector is a really cool AI video editor that’s great for both beginners and advanced users. It has special AI features like a background remover and green screen effects that make your videos look awesome without much effort. The app also has tools for motion tracking, slow-motion, and fast-forward, which content creators love to use.

Magisto – Crafty Video Editing and Melodic Slideshow Creator:

Magisto is one of the simple AI video editing apps for android made for people who want to turn their photos and clips into amazing videos quickly. It uses smart AI to pick the best parts of your footage and matches them with the right music and effects, making really beautiful videos.

Quik – Transform Your Memories with Free Video Editing: Pictures, Clips, Music:

Quik, made by GoPro, is a wonderful AI video editor that makes editing videos easy. The app looks at your media files and creates awesome montages with music in just a few taps. You can make your videos unique by picking different templates, fonts, and transitions.

ActionDirector – Video Editor, Video Editing Tool:

ActionDirector is one of the best AI video editing apps for android made for people who love action stuff. It has cool features like slow-motion editing, stop-motion, and adding motion graphics. With its strong editing powers, you can make exciting videos that really stand out and impress others.

InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker:

InShot is a super handy AI video editor that lets you easily trim, cut, and combine video clips. The app has lots of filters, stickers, and text styles to make your videos unique. It also lets you create collages with both videos and photos, which is perfect for people who love sharing on social media.

KineMaster – Video Editor, Video Maker:

KineMaster is a top-notch AI video editing app that works well for both beginners and experienced users. It lets you have many layers of video, text, and pictures, and also has tools to edit things really precisely. The app even supports chroma key compositing (changing backgrounds) and cool 3D transition effects.

Funimate – Unleash Your Video Creativity with Music and Effects:

Funimate is a really fun AI video editing app that is all about making creative and interesting videos. It has cool and unique effects and transitions that can help you make entertaining videos for social media. The best part is that the app’s AI-powered music video maker can automatically match your clips with catchy music, making your videos even more awesome!

VideoShow – Video Editing, Creation, and Photo Enhancement:

VideoShow is a complete AI video editing app that gives you lots of cool features to make your videos better. You can add filters, text effects, animated stickers, and background music to create awesome videos, even if you’re not a technical expert. It’s really easy to use!


With the arrival of AI technology, editing videos has become easier and faster for people using Android phones. These top 10 AI video editing apps have many great features. It’s really simple to create high-quality videos directly from your smartphone. Whether you’re someone who makes videos a lot or just enjoys doing it for fun. These apps will definitely help you improve your video editing skills. So, let your creativity flow and begin making awesome videos with these amazing AI video editing apps today!

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