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Best AI tools for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers are using AI in their affiliate marketing plans and picking the best AI tools for affiliate marketing for the job. These tools can do things like find out more about their audience and check how well their posts are doing.

Here, we discuss a list of AI tools for affiliate marketing. We’ll look at what they can do, what’s good about them, and what’s not so good. This will help you choose the right ones for your business, depending on how big it is. How much money you have for marketing, and what you want to achieve.

Best AI tools for affiliate marketing

AI tools use smart computer programs and learning methods to make things better. They can make people more interested, make things work better, and make more people buy stuff. It’s important for marketers to know which tools to use for different jobs. Keep reading to learn about some of these tools you can find today.


Tapfiliate is a special computer program for businesses. It helps businesses make, watch, and make better their friend programs. Tapfiliate also helps businesses talk to their friends by sending them special emails to ask them to help promote the business.

It also helps new friends get started by giving them all the things they need to do promotions. You can also watch how well each friend is doing and reward them based on how well they do, besides giving them specific commission choices.


Brandwatch is like a special computer tool for checking and understanding what’s happening on social media. It helps you study what people are doing right now so you can make choices based on that information. Affiliate marketers can use it, along with AI tools for affiliate marketing, to find out what’s popular on social media at the moment.

You can use it to control, plan, change, and put all your stuff in one spot. It also helps you watch what people say about your brand on social media and see what’s really popular about it. If something strange or bad is happening, it tells you right away so you can fix it and not let it get worse.

Jasper ai

Jasper.ai is a smart computer program that can quickly create text content for you.

Jasper is a tool that helps marketers make interesting words for their blogs, social media posts, and even video scripts. It can help you write in more than 25 different languages and make your work grow bigger.


DreamStudio is like a smart picture maker that uses AI. You can make pictures by typing words that describe what you want, and it saves you from working hard on designing. You can get these pictures, change them, or even make different versions of them.

DreamStudio also has many ready-made designs, looks, and things you can change. It helps you make things look better with smart pictures that are pretty, special, and make a big impression.

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Lumen5 is like a tool that helps you make lots of videos. It looks at the words you write and uses smart computer programs to make video parts like scenes, pictures, and changes that fit what you wrote.

With Lumen5, affiliate marketers can make interesting videos that get people interested and show off their stuff in a nice-looking way.

AdCreative ai

AdCreative.ai is like a tool for making really good ads that people like. It can think up cool ad ideas, write catchy titles, and make words for ads that make the right people interested.

Marketers can simply tell the platform what they want to achieve with their ads and who they want to reach. Then, the platform makes lots of different ad versions for different places where the ads will appear. This makes it easier for marketers to make lots of ads that lots of people will like and buy from.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another tool for managing your social media, including AI tools for affiliate marketing. It helps you see how well your posts are doing. It provides you with important information, such as the number of people who like and click on your posts, how many times your posts are viewed, and how many people are making purchases because of your posts.

This makes it easier for affiliate marketers to see how well certain posts are doing and make their plan better. It also has other helpful tools for managing social media, like posting content, talking to people, and even listening to what’s happening on social media.


LiveChat is a tool that makes it easier to help customers. You can put it on your website, and it lets you talk to people right away. It can also help you talk to customers on different websites and apps.

LiveChat also has smart computer helpers called AI chatbots. They can answer simple questions from customers and reply all day and night. It also figures out which problems are most urgent and sends those to the right people who can help.

It can also ask customers how good the help was and what could be better. This way, it knows if the help was good or not and can do the right things to make it better. This helps affiliate marketers give better help and make their brand look good.

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